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I'm behind. Like not just a little behind, but "Oh my God! How am I ever going to get back on track?" behind! I haven't been reading much, I'm horribly late with several reviews, I don't get to give authors the attention they truly deserve from me anymore, but that's just life, isn't it? Nothing really goes as planned, but you have to roll with it.

This blog post for Karen Frances is so long overdue...I'm ashamed really. In fact, I wasn't even planning to do this today because as I'm sure most of you can relate, my to-do list is so long I don't even know where to begin. But the realization hit me that if I didn't carve out some time for the authors I claim to support, then my priorities need to be shifted. And really...why would I want to clean the kitchen over finishing up a book and giving an Indie Author some much deserved credit? Yup...that's right...I don't! So here we are...
I met Karen through a giveaway she hosted on Tsu. Remember Tsu? It's that other social media site I've been completely neglectful of. Anyway, I won. I mean I really won! My much-anticipated box arrived all the way from Scotland and I soon had a table filled with goodies. 

Little did I know when I entered that giveaway that what I'd really be winning was a friend. And no...Karen didn't buy my reviews with a box full of stuff. Her friendship hasn't coaxed me into a 5-Star review, but if I were rating her as a person, she'd get 10 stars.

Truth be told, I struggle with writing reviews after I've gotten to know authors because I never want to hurt their feelings, but I also have to give them my honest review. Not only does my tiny audience deserve it, but so do the authors.
Since I haven't had much chance to read lately I've just now finished 'He's Captured My Trust' that Karen sent to me at the end of April. I know, I know...priorities! So without further ado, here is my long overdue review.

He's Captured my TrustHe's Captured my Trust by Karen Frances
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

'He's Captured My Trust' is the second book in the 'Captured' Series by Indie author Karen Frances. The story continues to follow Alex and Libby after a somewhat heartbreaking close to her debut novel. Alex has business to attend to in the states and he's left Libby to recover both physically and now emotionally while she continues to run the family hotel in beautiful Scotland. When Libby travels to see Alex she finds out that she has more than just work-related business to contend with and it might be more than their new relationship can handle. Alex has definitely grown on me since the beginning of book one. It's obvious that he cares deeply for Libby, but his past might keep them from being together.

Just as Karen's characters have grown, so has her writing. Her second book did away with some of the extra details that I personally found unnecessary in book one. Her heroine is a strong and determined business woman and as well as a devoted to her family, which leads to tough decisions that might have to be made on more than one front. The book isn't all about business and turmoil though, as it has its fair share of steaminess as well. I look forward to the next book in the series because I know their story isn't over yet. :-)

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